Cuadro de texto: Projects
Cuadro de texto: Know and Love your Surroundings – Promote the knowledge of the surrounding ecosystems so that they become part of their culture and an important part of their life. 

Biking to School –  The school were the Project is being carried out is located within several hours walking distance for the children. Through donation of      bicycles we provide a means to reduce the time it takes for the children to get to school and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Art, Science and Nature – Develop through painting and science workshops the knowledge and understanding of natural processes and interrelationships. 

Planters of Hope – Teach the children and mothers about the planting of fruit, vegetable and other crops, native of the region, to be added to their daily diets and complement their nutrition. 

Secrets of the Rainforest – This activity allows the community to know the flora and fauna in the rainforests and their importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. 

Every Day Lectures – Reading activities at home involving parents and children  to promote family ties.

Ecological Footpaths – Strategic footpaths for the community where informative panels are placed, “Path Companions”, about animal and plant species found in the area.  

Keeping our Home Clean -  Teaching the members of the community the     management of waste material and how to dispose organic and inorganic waste.

Walking through our Land – Make guided tours through various areas surrounding the community, showing children and adults the biodiversity of the ecosystems.
Cuadro de texto: Locations
Cuadro de texto: This project will be developed in the villages of Nuevo Oriente, municipality of Achí,   departament of Bolívar and Naranjal, municipality of Argelia, Departament of Cauca, located in the areas of influence of the Serranias de San Lucas and Pinche, respectively. 
Cuadro de texto: Programs

The Hummingbird Conservancy

Conservation Communities




Cuadro de texto: This program between The Hummingbird Conservancy and local communities, is centered on the conservation of high priority biodiversity zones within the area of influence of communities, taking into account their social and economic needs. The program will support local schools and training workshops so that the local community can identify the conservation strategy more suitable to their needs, integrating economical, social and ecological information, to push forward conservation actions for these high priority areas.

In the end,

we will conserve only what we love,

we will love only what we understand,

and we will understand only what we have been taught.

 Baba Dioum

1. Enviromental Education, Formation and Communication

· · Transform local communities into being protagonists of their environmental destiny, connecting people with nature and promoting a conservationists conscience to save natural resources in benefit of the community.

· · Provide children, through their teachers, investigation tools that allow them to study, comprehend, analyze and reflect upon the ecological processes and the effects of their actions on the environment.

· · Provide a better access and quality of community health services, such as maternal and child healthcare and family planning.

2. Sustainable Development

· · Provide information and qualification on productive systems compatible with the environment that can provide basic food needs and economic stability to families, leading to a sustainable management of natural resources and conservation of the biodiversity.